Friday, 8 February 2013

Mandy Pannett’s All the Invisibles is SPM Book of the Month

In November 2012 SPM Publications published a brilliant poetry collection, All the Invisibles by prize-winning poet Mandy Pannett. 


All the Invisibles is the Sentinel Poetry Movement book of the month and throughout February 2013 there will be absolutely NO DELIVERY CHARGES in the UK and international buyers will receive £1.50 off delivery charges.  Every buyer will also receive FREE pdf versions of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly magazine July-September and October-December 2012 issues.


Reviews of All the Invisibles:


Light is threaded through Mandy Pannett's poems, along with a tantalising sense of individuals captured momentarily in many different landscapes, among them, the artists, Durer, Seurat, Monet and Ravilious.


Her language is visual and athletic with metaphor, she's drawn to lost traditions and phrases and brings them into the present with a playful sense of inquiry.


This book moves through a range of emotional states - all of them bittersweet: melancholy, change, curiosity - but Pannett is spare with words and her lines feel charged as a result. Expect to be startled by the images she creates, intrigued and excited by her talent for description and the insights her poems offer you, like delicious, rare fruit.

            - Jackie Wills


"Mandy Pannett's poetry is varied, original, magical and full of surprises."

          - Susan Skinner


In Pannett's All the Invisibles "The lyrical is always hovering, but if she does bring daisies she makes us work for it...Mythological and historical themes broaden the rhythms ... "

          - Paul Matthews.


"Mandy Pannett brings a host of figures from bible, myth and history to brief but vivid life. They step out of the Bayeaux tapestry, from Shakespeare's plays, classical and Norse myth,

along with beasts - hares, horses, foxes, flies - and are fleetingly illuminated, for the most part in free verse, but there are also sonnets and terza rima, before retreating once again into their shadowy worlds."

          - Gabriel Griffin


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