Friday, 6 July 2012

Important information regarding Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry and Short Story Competitions

The Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition has been held since July 2009, and the Short Story Competition since January 2010. We have always listed the competitions by the months the results are announced rather than the months the competitions close. This means we have listed them as January, April, July and October competitions but in actuality they always closed in the preceding months.

The feedback we have had from several entrants is that this is confusing for them because they would, for example, see an advert for Sentinel Literary Quarterly Short Story Competition (July 2012) and would believe they had time to enter in July, only to find out the competition was closing in June.

For this reason, from the next competitions we will list them according to the months they will close. Therefore instead of October 2012, our next quarterly competitions will be September 2012, with the results due on the 31st of October.

These competitions will be open for entries from Saturday the 7th of July, and we are pleased to announce that the SLQ Short Story Competition (September 2012) will be judged by short story writer, poet and playwright, Jeremy Page, editor of The Frogmore Papers and author of The Cost of All Desire: after Catullus.  The SLQ Poetry Competition (September 2012) will be judged by poet and creative writing lecturer Andy Willoughby, author of The Wrong California, Tough, and Kids (with Bob Beagrie).

The competitions information will be available at

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