Monday, 5 March 2012

Sentinel, your partner in the development of literature and visual arts

Sentinel Poetry Movement aims to build successful partnerships with poets, artists and writers from across the world to create and develop literature and visual arts through publications, fairs and exhibitions, festivals, and film.

  • Publish your poems, short stories, plays, essays, book reviews, interviews, artworks, and photography in Sentinel Literary Quarterly (Online & Print), Sentinel Nigeria (Online), and Sentinel Champions (Print and eBook, please note poems and short stories in Champions are sourced only through our competitions)
  • Access our Critique Services – let our consultants work with you to make your work publishing and award/contest-fit.
  • Win cash prizes in our on-going quarterly and annual poetry and short story competitions. Total prize money in 2012 across our competitions is £4,440.00.
  • Buy or subscribe to our magazines; Sentinel Literary Quarterly and Sentinel Champions .
  • Buy the Sentinel Annual Literature Anthology of poems, short stories and plays edited by Unoma N. Azuah, Amanda Sington-Williams and Nnorom Azuonye.
  • Join the over 6,000 members of our list. It is our 10th Anniversary year in 2012. We have a few surprises for our list members this year. Join free at


part of Sentinel Poets, Artists and Writers Network (S.P.A.W.N.)

- The International community of writers and artists…since December 2002.

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