Monday, 6 June 2011

Poems Damien Fehrenbach

We continue to share work from the Sentinel archives. These poems by Damien Fehrenbach are taken from Sentinel Poetry (Online) #25 2nd Anniversary Issue December 2004



Jazz like rain
cool against my skin
as sit here
the memory of your lips
We jumped night trains
In the autumn rain
you smiled at my soul
And for the first time
I knew you meant it
That moment is acid
In my skull
For eternity
of course
Eternity is only the length
Of one life,
Yours and mine


He who once had visions of Blake,
dead 7 years now, gone
and still without him the world goes on,
In your words I heard blood,
King of May, son of the silent scream.
Someday that will be me,
6 feet below the earth you once walked upon.
Saint, now in the stars, holier than most,
Shining down as I rode in American cars,
I know
I felt it
They will call me crazy for saying so
but that is the risk we take for being honest.
Are you with Neal now or is there another?
Its funny
I never met you but I miss you anyway
No more obscene literature
from you bottomless well

Damien Fehrenbach is an American studying in the UK. He attends Bournemouth and Pool College while currently living in Sway.

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